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About Chrissi

Chrissi Maria

I prefer to be in the wings, so ghostwriting is the perfect way to channel my daily word count into existence. I’m a passionate teller of people’s stories – be it a personal memoir, a legacy or life book, or corporate history – and it would be a privilege to tell yours.

I’m intentional about making the written word understandable and accessible, and “uncomplicated” defines my approach.

How I got here

After spending many years at the university of life gaining experience in marketing, PR and brand management, I decided to focus on things I love most: brands and writing. In 2007 Gerbera Brand Management was born.

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I have been kept busy for most of the past fourteen years by virtue of word-of-mouth recommendations. I’m incredibly grateful for all the opportunities, as well as the loyalty my clients have shown me – it is a testimonial I strive to continue deserving.

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Why work with me?

I’m naturally curious and will do the necessary research to make my submissions believable and relevant.

I’m passionate about personalities – both brand and people – and work hard to ensure that these are brought to life in my writing.

Most importantly, I would love the opportunity to do justice to your story!

Get in touch

+27 82 371 1005

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