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I’ve done a fair bit of writing work for BINVIC over the past three years. The most recent assignment included spending some time with each member of the team and writing some short content for the company’s People page. 

BINVIC’s Managing Director, Dennis Keenan,grew up in a construction household and has worked within the sector since 1995. He established BINVIC in South Africa in 2011 and went on to open affiliate companies in Tanzania and Mozambique. He is an ambitious contractor who is proud of BINVIC’s track record of project delivery – consistently on time, on budget and with a sterling safety record. Dennis believes one needs to constantly evolve to remain relevant in this industry, and never be too proud to get back in the field, when the situation demands.

“BINVIC is unique in its approach and its services. We offer niche capabilities, are highly specialised and will project-manage an entire capital project from start to commissioning. A large contributor to our success is the ability to efficiently mobilise and train a local workforce, thereby also contributing to employment and skills development within communities surrounding our contracts. We have worked for multiple international clients and have weathered some tough economic events, nevertheless, our track record reflects our commitment to always delivering the extraordinary.

BINVIC’s Commercial Lead – independent consultant Andrew Muttittfulfils the role of in-house legal counsel and commercial advisor to the company. His scope includes monitoring and advising on contractual issues as well as dispute avoidance and resolution. BINVIC has a reputation for strong client relationships and Andrew plays a key role in establishing a positive relationship between client and contractor. This process is supported by a brainstorming and teambuilding session prior to the project commencing, during which real life scenarios are used as examples of potential for contractual dispute. Early identification of misperceptions of rights and obligations; clarity on contractual terms and conditions of the contract and how it is to be managed (change management, delays, and so forth) helps to avoid unnecessary conflict.

“The strength of a company is in its people and their priorities, as well as their quality. BINVIC has a strong leader and champion in Dennis, one who understands his limitations and will supplement what he lacks by bringing in the correct people where required. It is unusual for a company this size to have a resource such as myself in place – my role is to ensure that we avoid any potential and unnecessary conflicts on contracts and to support BINVIC and its people to prosper.”

BINVIC Project Manager John Flemingan engineering geologist and geologist by trade, has worked as a consultant on both greenfield and brownfield mining projects across Africa. Over the past two decades he has gained exposure to various geological and engineering disciplines, in particular within mining but also within the commercial infrastructure sector. His strong organisational and people management skills have contributed to his reputation for consistency. John joined the BINVIC team in 2017 to work on the Kenmare Resources project in Mozambique.  

“Our on time, within budget and injury-free delivery of the Kenmare Resources project in Mozambique was a highlight both for BINVIC and for its client. I believe the current economic climate offers smaller EPCM companies like BINVIC an opportunity for growth – our agility and ability to mobilise quickly in response to requirements and opportunities, coupled with our sterling record can be an asset to many potential projects.”

Binvic Project Manager Sam van Coller has extensive project management experience gained over twenty-five years, during which he has also been lead planner on many EPCM projects for petrochemical, aluminium and mining clients on the continent. His mantra is to continuously plan throughout a project, thereby supporting a quality end product, delivered in a professional and safe manner, within the agreed time and budget.

 “We are a strong and accomplished multidisciplinary team, each of which brings their own personal strength to the table. We plan and drive for each contract’s successful execution and work hard to establish good relationships with all project stakeholders whiling adding immense value to the professional team. We are persistent about timelines, quality and safety.”

 BINVIC’s Construction Manager, Zorba Georgiou,has overseen countless multidisciplinary construction sites since first entering the industry in 1973. He has managed large workforces that are constantly acknowledged for their commitment to safe operations and completing projects within programme and budget. Zorba describes himself as an unconventional construction manager who manages sites by being visible, giving attention to detail, motivating his teams and being hands-on during the entire project cycle. He lives by the mantra that you can never beat a man that doesn’t know how to give up!

“Our mindset at BINVIC is that of frontiersmen and we are constantly adapting to new operating conditions and looking for fresh opportunities across the continent, no matter how remote. I’m very proud of our successful track record of working in extremely harsh environments; I’m proud of the quality of the work we deliver; and the quality of the teams we employ – in particular the members of the local communities we employ and train to work to the high standards required by the industry and associated with the BINVIC name.”

BINVIC’s Cost Accountant, Riaan Else,has worked in the industry since 2005 and joined BINVIC in 2011. Prior to working in construction, he worked as an auditor and accountant and has always been passionate about the numbers side of business. He believes the unity and strength of the team, the relationships it builds with its clients, its ability to quickly make decisions – financial or technical – are a large part of the company’s winning formula.

“Our curriculum vitae of projects and references from clients is a great testimonial for our abilities. We are fortunate to have worked with, and learned from some of the world’s leading mechanical, civil and chemical engineers with whom we worked on constructing a $90-million dollar mine in Tanzania. Our ambitions include working on many more greenfield projects and continuing to build on this experience.”

BINVIC’s Financial Manager, Samantha Keenan,has been with the company since day one, and played an instrumental role in the administrative side of setting up BINVIC in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As the only woman in the team she brings stability and discipline, lends support where necessary and is often described as the glue that keeps the team together. She describes BINVIC as a close-knit group of people who pull in the same direction and where the family dynamic means that everyone looks out for the other.

“Our reputation is most important to us and we are all about quality. Everything we do – whether on small or large contracts – we aim to do extremely well. We also do not shy away from the responsibility of a large project and I believe that we set a benchmark for our capability while we were working on mining infrastructure projects in Tanzania.”

BINVIC’s Procurement Manager, Brad Whitehead, joined the company in 2017 after having worked in the steel industry for his entire career to date. In addition to fulfilling a procurement and quality assurance role, he also applies his wealth of experience to running the steel supply side of BINVIC. Brad is a service-oriented individual with the ability to negotiate and communicate well, and his attention to detail supports the company’s ability to meet project timelines.

“I have great respect for what we do at BINVIC in the sense that any task we take on, we hold nothing back in order to get it completed. We are each accountable for our actions and do not procrastinate – our philosophy is not to leave something for tomorrow that can be done today. We work within a close-knit yet open-minded environment, which brings out the best in all of us.”



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