Conversations with South Africans

You’ve probably gathered by now that I really enjoy having conversations… so much so, that I’m basing my next book on a selection of my conversations with South Africans.

Each chapter of Conversations with South Africans covers what I have learned about, or learned from a particular South African with whom I have had one or more conversations.

There are twelve chapters in the book, covering six male and six female South Africans, all from very diverse walks of life. Each chapter ends with the individual’s answers to the same three questions…

I haven’t spoken to everyone on my wish list yet, however last Wednesday I did speak to 26-year old Christian hip hop artist, producer, film graduate and preacher in training, Blaque Nubon.


Last night Blaque won the Best Gospel Hip Hop category at the 2015 SABC Crown Gospel Awards. Earlier this year he launched his album The Watchman, for which he won Best Hip Hop Album at the Mzansi Gospel Awards in June. Congratulations to Blaque, flanked in the picture above by his beautiful and equally talented wife, Lilly Million, and his manager Harold Moyo, from the Fresh Impressions record label.

His chapter in the book is aptly titled The Watchman… but you will have to wait until April next year to read it!


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