Does anyone subscribe to Cliff Central’s Monday to Friday e-mail? Today’s subject line started with ‘Fantastic…’ – now that has got to be a sign of good things to come!

On my home front, the pipeline contractors that have been working in my neighbourhood for the past four months are finally wrapping up. This will mean peace and quiet (although in a weird way I’m going to miss having them around…!?!). It also mean no more old and decrepit pipes bursting around the block, yay!

I’ve been told we have had around 60mm of rain, which I’m sure the desperately dry and dusty earth has just soaked up like a sponge. I’m looking forward to watching the Gauteng landscape transform from brown to green over the next weeks! One of the most awesome times of the year is here!
I was doing some research yesterday for an article that I’m writing and came across an initiative focused on making community revitalisation happen in Mozambique. I don’t have all the facts (yet…) but here is a taster. It’s called Reconstruir Moçambique and is a redevelopment initiative with a television programme that broadcasts progress made on revitalisation projects. Mozambican corporates are invited to champion initiatives that focus on upgrading educational, cultural, health and community spaces within vulnerable communities. They donate their time, money, materials and/or expertise to the cause; and are joined by volunteers from the recipient community (parents, families, neighbours and/or friends). It’s nice to see initiatives like this getting off the ground and I hope to share a few success stories coming out of this one soon.

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