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Gorgeously Grand (voice over script for Audi Snÿman Interior Design)

The allure of this eclectic dream home begins to weave its magic on approach, as shimmering lights promise to fulfil the anticipation of an inspired interior.

The grand staircase, crowned by light, dominates a spacious, symmetrical and elegant entrance hall whispering: “Welcome to this Gorgeously Grand family home, curated by internationally recognised Audi Snÿman Interior Design”.

Shades and textures of neutral colours embrace stabilising blues that have been artfully woven into expansive spaces – at times through subtle inclusion; at times through splashes of colour evident in paintings, plush soft furnishings, handwoven rugs and carefully selected hand-crafted artworks. Neutrals are layered with luxurious textiles and accent colours, adding a warm depth that is reflected in everyroom.

The clean lines of the open plan kitchen with its natural stone countertop offer an infinite view over the dining room and beyond. This well-appointed space is both aesthetically pleasing and efficiently functional.

Everything in sight fulfils a key role in combining eclectic inspirations and the design brief, with an eye on sustainability. The lovingly curated, bespoke dining room chandelier – made from recycled glass – eavesdrops at the opulent dining room table, and is surrounded by multiple other conversation starters.

The pairing of beautifully crafted lighting and luxurious comfort characterises the interior downstairs spaces, and spills out across the exterior spaces, that echo the symmetry and drama of the design.

Both the indoor and outdoor lounge areas are furnished with spacious, comfortable and unique furnishings, effortlessly lending themselves to entertaining, and to being entertained.

The ease of interaction is accentuated by a collection of inviting sofas and chic seating, a pool table area, a custom home bar, and an elevated lounge that speaks of the passions and patriotism of the home owners.

The unassuming colour palette is brought to life by layers of light, creating the perfect canvas for conversational items to shine. The spaces are rich with stories and tales of milestones already met, while embracing the possibilities of new memories yet to be made and celebrated together.

The understated glamour of classical wallpaper is brought to life by exquisite pendant lights and an ornate mirror. The journey continues into the downstairs study where a whimsical map of the world and ceiling height bookshelves showcase a deep love for travel. The opposite side of this room easily morphs into a safe retreat for home schooling.

At the top of the stairs three colourful soccer-themed artworks bear witness to a shared family passion and bring a playful edge to the space. The pyjama lounge reveals a blue statement-making corner sofa, overlooked by two pieces of fine art, commissioned to ensure young family members form an integral part of the space.

Inspired interiors exude calming symmetry complemented by the gold thread of blue that forms an integral part of the DNA of this family haven.

The chic interior of the master bedroom merges tastes to ensure rest and rejuvenation. Creams and beige temper masculine dark wood, while crystal chandeliers add warmth, and an invitation to enjoy an occasional Sunday morning lie-in.

The overarching theme of symmetry continues to soothe the eye in the elegant bathroom, where aesthetic effortlessly merges with natural textured stone and refined fixtures and fittings. 

Crystal chandeliers are repeated over the bath and in the walk-in cupboard adding a sense of occasion and timeless style to these areas.

The two guest bedrooms, while being mirror images in terms of floor plan, each tell their own unique stories. The Sentimental Room departs from the signature style of the house to softly frame and showcase family heritage and restored heirlooms and has a distinctly feminine touch.

All bedrooms have elegant en-suites, with clean lines and luxurious finishes.

The second guest bedroom incorporates more masculine décor and lighting, and a return to the home’s signature layered textures, with blue woven throughout artwork and lampshades.

The young children’s rooms are spacious with impactful wallpapers and décor themes that reflect their respective passions and create a unique experience that is customised to their individuality and breathes a spirit of fun and playfulness into each space.

These rooms continue to tell a family story of love, laughter and happiness; sentiment embraced; a place brimming with stories and dreams; full of personality and talking points.

Each room incorporates an en-suite, a practical nook study, and a walk-in closet and is tailored to grow with the boys as they mature.

A timeless addition to the home is the downstairs cinema, where, once the credits have run, both friends and family can fall asleep in the deep comfort of the home theatre’s plush centrepiece: an inviting upholstered bed positioned under the starry cinema sky… in an incredible place called home.

Gorgeously Grand  has been brought to life by the distinctive flair of internationally acclaimed interior planner, Audi Snÿman Interior Design: Creating bespoke homes for you to live your best life.




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