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Just checking in…

You know, when you mostly write to earn a living it never looks good if there hasn’t been much action on your website, right? So, this is me, dropping in from my little writing retreat, where the longed-for “clean headspace” has often been severely challenged by the mostly alarming news of our world. Yet, at the same time, there is still much beauty to behold!

Apart from working hard to strengthen my relationship with the usual procrastination and angst associated with getting down to the business of writing, I’ve also been reminded of how great it is to process life and my often-chaotic thoughts through the written word.

And all you have to do is show up…

There definitely isn’t magic happening every day. In fact, if I had my production-driven German game-face on, I would say productivity is below par. But the more “Chill Chrissi” says: What’s the rush. This thing you’re doing doesn’t really have a deadline.

Hopefully “Chill Chrissi” and “Consistent Chrissi” will find a good middle ground. 

Till soon,




  1. Thats why the story about tortoise and rabbit is soo famous.. Consistency is quite ofyen the winner!!💫😃 Looking forward to the end result!

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