Off to the bins

Last week a few folk asked me why I hadn’t included a photograph in my “dating profile”, so I thought I’d start off with that, just to set the scene…

You’re welcome! You know who you are 🙂

Twenty-twenty sure has dished out some hidings, hey? And many folks were happy to see the year and its COVID bride relegated to the bins. But of course, it wasn’t a clean break.

I myself am not yet fully in control of how I’m dealing with this pandemic, even ten months on. I go through waves. To be honest, mostly I’m calm, and focused on just getting on with life as best I can. Then I make the mistake of tuning into a broadcast while vaccination rollouts are being discussed, and I feel like I may just explode. Then I hear of someone I’ve known for years lying in ICU on a ventilator, and I get all emotional. Or someone, that I knew back in the day when I attended youth group, who has died. That really rattled me.

But we have to keep moving forward – mask clad, hygienically sanitised and socially distanced, because not only is that what we’re told we can do to help stop the spread, but because it makes sense. A friend sent this little meme below to a group I’m on, and it made me laugh out loud…perhaps it will make you laugh too.

I’m happy to report, as is evident from my dating profile pic above, that I am fully potty trained. This mask thing will for ever remain a contentious topic…isn’t it amazing, that a small piece of covering elicits a whole range of strong feelings and reactions.

Implosion” is my word of the week. And I’m going to use the definition that best fits my purposes, with thanks to, accessed just a few minutes ago.

“When something implodes, it explodes inward — instead of outward. With extremely large buildings, it helps to implode them rather than explode them, because by falling inward they take up less space.

Why bother to have a word like implode when you already have explode? Well, imagine there is something deep beneath the sea, being subjected to the intense pressure there. If the pressure is high enough that the object bursts, it would collapse in rather than out. It would, in fact, implode. People also sometimes use implode to describe a person subjected to intense pressures who, emotionally at least, bursts inward: “All that stress just made Jess implode.”

It sounds, as though imploding is a lot less messy than exploding… I reckon we need to look around, not just for the mess, but to see if there aren’t some folks we know who could do with a little more support during these times of COVID.

And, not all our misfortunes are down to those crown-wearing virions. I mean, imagine having a major accident in 2020, followed by a number of surgeries and weeks in hospital. Followed by months and months of rehabilitation, only to find out that your bones are not knitting. And, you need another operation. Thus you’ll take a good few more months to get back to where you are today, and perhaps you’ll not. That’s hectic. It’s not my story to tell, but said strong person is a shining example of what coping graciously looks like. I’m rooting for him, and I wish him all of the best, from the bottom of my heart.

Till soon, Chrissi xxx



  1. Avatar

    Dating site with no photo? Definitely eyebrow raising, what’s she hiding? Would be the first question.
    Imploding vs exploding. I guess all of us will do both at some time or another. Exploding may be messier but its quicker
    once its done and necessary. Blow off steam like a pressure cooker. (Except for those close to the explosion who didnt manage to duck the poo when it hits the fan). In which case kindness would be to brush off the bits and pieces and offer much needed support and a listening ear. We all need it in these times.
    Post that photo.

  2. Avatar

    Agree Chrissie! We have to keep moving forward – at least there is a small light in the tunnel with the vaccine – when we get it…..
    and while we are still healthy we should be grateful……..

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