Predictable. Or not.

The bank that I’ve banked with all of my life decided that as a self-employed individual, I was too risky to bet on with a small bond. And, after banking with them since I was barely out of nappies, as well as journeying my entire adult life with them (house, car, personal, business, credit card, investments etc) I have to say that this was quite a bitter pill to swallow. It’s always felt like a neat way of managing my piggy bank…however, it seems a relatively healthy financial track record and good habits count for very little these days. Perhaps I’ve been a little too unpredictable for their taste lately.

I mentioned (to my mom) that I had seriously thought of voting with my feet, before deciding that the bank wouldn’t even feel the slightest draft if I stormed out the room. The wise woman responded that this is exactly why businesses and service providers can act as they do, they bank on the fact that it will be too much trouble for us to make the move. So…guess what I’ve done!?

I must say that I’m a tad nervous about this action. And no, I’ve not decided to stash cash under my bed. I mean…

It’s more about the perception of security and comfort of knowing that things are in place… the ability to put food in the fridge, the option of taking in fresh air daily, the possibility of visiting family and friends, access to healthcare, planning for retirement, and banking with an institution that’s been around for a while. I’m guessing all that is relatively predictable human behaviour as we teeter up and down Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

And, until a few weeks ago, I had always felt a sense of being loved and belonging, and quite possibly the association with “Africa’s strongest banking brand” was good for my self-esteem…

Until they tried to stop me from becoming “the most that I can be”.

Indeed. It seems like an overly dramatic reaction, but our tendency to be oh so predictable makes it easy to for us to accept a status quo, become stuck in a rut or even entrapped, and at “their” mercy.












I’m all for keeping “them” on their toes, and shaking things up a bit, even if all it does is make me feel like I’ve reclaimed a tiny portion of my independence.

Perhaps I’ll let you know how my new relationship pans out.

till soon xxx

(PS the notification from FNB popped up on my phone about an hour after posting this blog. I love the “try again” at the bottom, as I failed to unlock my phone first time around. Ah, life. It’s the little things…)




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    Good for you!! But you knew I’d say that, didn’t you? 😉 And I’d eviscerate them in a scathing letter of complaint that they’d roll their eyes at.

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    Well done! One would think that in our “new normal world”, “new and different” ways of going about “normal, everyday business” would also have a place…..? I am also generally not impressed with my own financial institution…despite being with them for many years, many different accounts later….

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    Bummer!! but hey well done on the “mooove”, maybe we think its just a lot of admin but I think the banks do assist with that nowadays to make a smooth transfer… I once moved from Standard to ABSA and it was in the same time that someone threw snakes in one of their branches, due to bad service, hahaha I cancelled my accounts with them the week before, had the “same issue”.. I thought that guy was a genius, but hey, to go through all that trouble, to carry a bag full of snakes, eish!!!

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