Smelling the roses

These last few months I have become very conscious of passing time. Not just the lockdown. But the time that has passed, since I first began making memories. I live not far away from my childhood home and my morning walks and cycles take me down roads that I haven’t travelled on for a very long time. Without the usual distractions I’ve given a different kind of attention to the places I pass; the trees, the grass, the changing season; the birdlife and the blue, blue sky; neighbourhood noises and activities; the houses my friends lived in; the golf course where I caddied for my dad (a good few decades ago); the local running club clubhouse that one of my besties was a member of…

They’ve all changed, yet somehow, they have stayed the same. I have not tapped into those memories for quite some time, if ever. I think I’ve only ever had the time or head space, to think back or reflect on major lifechanging events, rather than stopping and smelling those very fragrant, wonderfully naive childhood roses. I wonder what will come to mind, one day, when this is all behind us, and I think back on this time.

During these past few months I’ve journeyed from an insatiable thirst for knowledge (and a desire to be informed, armed and ready) to information overload and noise fatigue. A lot has been said in our new public and shared spaces. Some of it made sense. Some was filled with doubt. Some of it was informed and factual. Some bordered on the ridiculous. Some was hilarious. Some was unkind. Some was unnecessary. A lot could have gone unsaid. But we’ve never been in this situation before, so it’s important to show grace, while we exercise discernment. 

A few years ago my sister Vera (who’s also homeschooled her very clever and good looking children) began facilitating dialogues. She facilitates diverse discussions in which uncomfortable and potentially divisive topics are discussed. She does this, and many other things including life coaching, under the umbrella of Think Thru. Talk Thru. where “considered thinking and talking is key”. Those last six words are taken directly from her website (

It’s a crazy, crazy time. Everyone’s experience of this pandemic is different and unique to their personal circumstances. I cannot compare my experience to that of others. Yet I know that we should not be using our words as spears, when there are enough other shots being fired at humanity already. 

There is some sanity in remembering who you were, before the “po” hit the fan. And while I bury my nose in my childhood roses, I’m reminded about how carefree my life as a child was. I’m enjoying tapping into that simpler mindset. And fine-tuning my expectations accordingly.

My life is playing out to a different rhythm than what I had expected. Which I’m mostly okay with. On other days not so much. Right now, I find comfort in the fact that the sun goes down tonight, and it will rise again tomorrow. And love – I’m surrounded by it.

While we are called to live apart in this place, in-between, I’d like you to know that I think of you. Not every day, but every now and again. And that I hope you’re doing okay. And that we’ll be able to sit across from each other again, someday soon.


p.s. if you’d like to read some blog posts that offer more practical thoughts and consider what’s really happening out there, please visit Vera’s website here . She’s written about many things relevant to our current circumstances, including many unexpected topics.




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    I loved you comment about thinking of people…. every now and again… it reflects the honesty of you blog … thank you

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      Its indeed interesting how life plays out, how it takes twists and turns and how smells can invoke poignant memories and emotions from times long gone by buried in subconscious memories.

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    Dankie Chrissi. Lockdown is beslis n keerpunt in my lewe. Tyd het stil gaan staan vir n ruk en mens sal na hierdie die lewe baie meer waardeer. Baie mooi geskryf x

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