Stories for Jewel-Art Africa

Stephanie and Rudi from Jewel-Art Africa asked me to write some copy on the beautiful pieces of jewellery that Rudi designs and makes for his clients. We decided that it would be a unique angle to write the stories from the first person perspective of the piece of jewellery, and introduced a section on their website called “If rings could talk …”

If you’re in the mood for a little bit of romance, below is the first story, about Stephanie’s very own engagement ring.

The adventure begins

“When you see me on Stephanie’s ring finger, ten-to-one you’ll think I’m exquisite. Granted, I’m not modest. In fact, I know I am beautiful, but there is so much more to my story than just what you see.JewelArt Africa_Stephanie RIng

“I’m a labour of Rudi’s love for Stephanie, and my journey started well before he put me on her finger. For a full month I was a dream, a concept floating around his mind 24/7. He shaped and sculpted me mentally, before finally putting his thoughts to paper. He then took the liberty to change a few things on my original design, as he crafted me using palladium, ten Tsavorites, and 18 little diamonds.

“Three days. That’s how long it took him. You don’t rush a good thing, but having just been diagnosed with cancer, Rudi was under a bit of pressure. For a few days my future was uncertain. Rudi went in for an op, and I sat in the safe, in my beautiful ring box, with a little note to Stephanie. I was hers, no matter the outcome.

“A week later and you cannot imagine how grateful I was when it was Rudi who collected me from the safe. He popped me into his rucksack, and promised me that an adventure lay ahead.

“I didn’t see the light for a few days, as I waited patiently, nestled between Rudi’s clothes and a bottle of good whiskey (those two just love whiskey, but that’s a story for another day). I gathered from their conversation, and the sometimes scary noises from outside, that we were on safari.

“Turns out I was right. Rudi planned to propose to Stephanie amidst the African wild-life! How romantic! I was sure I would look my absolute best twinkling under the vast starry sky! The big moment arrived and I was practically preening in anticipation. We were in the Khutse Game Reserve so quite literally in the thick of things.

“Stephanie, who has a healthy respect for the lions (which I totally get) insisted that it was unsafe to stay outside after the sun went to down. This scuppered Rudi’s plan a bit, but to be honest, my thoughts were hell yeah … I didn’t come this far to be consumed by the King of the Wild. Although the lack of light in the rooftop tent did concern me slightly!

“Safely tucked away in the rooftop tent, and I could sense that Rudi was indecisive. Should he wait for an opportune outdoor moment, or continue as planned. Thank goodness he didn’t bottle. He awkwardly got down on one knee, presented me to the love of his life, and asked the question. “Stephanie. Will you marry me?”

“It was pitch dark, and unfortunately I had no role in swaying her decision. She said yes without even seeing me, but I knew she was frightened I wouldn’t live up to her expectations – she hates opening gifts in front of givers, just in case. She made to grab me, but Rudi switched on his headlamp, so she could at least form an opinion. He had to know if he had been right in crafting me as I was …

“Of course she fell in love with me! And we’ve been together ever since.”



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