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Ten babies, or not

What a strange world we live in, where we have things like ghost decuplets; the White Spiritual Boy Trust; a health minister on special leave for trying to become a digital celebrity; an invisible virus wreaking havoc – I mean… you couldn’t make these things up, if you tried. No wonder the streaming services have so much content with this abundance of subject material. Never mind the captive audience.

Last night as I attended our Family Meeting in anticipation of a regulation that might scupper my future adventures, I inhaled, and told myself not to be silly. Then I remembered that we weren’t allowed to buy underclothes during our first hard lockdown, and a little paranoia crept right back in.

I plan to be away for a few months (some holiday, mostly writing), and sad as this sounds, I’m going to miss the continual soap opera plus the at times ridiculous abuse of the public goodwill, by other members of the public… I think we all agree… I definitely need to get out more!

We may or may not have been hoodwinked by ghost babies; fooled into believing there is a gazillion dollar fund; swayed by the seeming competence of leadership; or heaven forbid, postulate that the pandemic has been blown way out of proportion.

Right now, the prospect of my pending travels feels as surreal as any of the above.

I just have one last hurdle to overcome… please pray that I fail that COVID-19 test I have to sit on Saturday. And if all goes well, and I do, then my next report will come to you straight from quarantine!



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