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The things you do in quarantine…

You guessed it! My test was negative, and I boarded my flight on Monday, arriving in the land of milk, mountains, and red bull on Tuesday, at the crack of dawn. Today is Day Five of my 10-day mandatory quarantine and I will go for a Rapid Test on Monday (Day Seven), to see if I’m eligible for early release. Another negative test means that I can end my quarantine early and go for a long walk along that river I’ve longingly been staring at out of the kitchen window.

Opportunities for exposure since the test last Saturday have been minimal – apart from the flight, and a short journey from the airport to my quarantine pad. Sitting in the kind of craft that helped transport the virus around the world was rather surreal, but we were neatly spread out across the plane. And, apart from a bellowing snorer one row across, it was a rather peaceful experience… Or rather, became peaceful one G&T and chocolate later, once I dealt with the odd nerves of being outside my safe zone, and settled in for the night.

Other than masking up and being surrounded by covered faces for the entire flight, there was really nothing unusual to report. And waking up to the view below was a real treat…

So, what does one do in quarantine? For the first few days it was pretty much business as usual. Finishing a few projects, connecting with family and friends, reading a little, watching series, eating great quarantine cuisine. I have no cause to complain (unlike some Olympic athletes) – just look at what I cooked on Thursday night…or maybe it was Wednesday? Never mind, it was delicious! My quarantine host has provided catering fit for royalty.

And what else does one do in quarantine? Within the safe four walls of an apartment, in a country that seems to have gotten a handle on things.

I worry. I worry about the people back home. I worry about the hospital capacity. I worry about the ever-increasing positive cases within my network and circle of friends. And the fatalities.

My heart goes out to my friends who have lost their parents. And to D, who lost his mom this past Mother’s Day, and sent me a message this afternoon, asking me to tell my parents to be extremely careful. Before telling me, his aunt and uncle both died today. It’s a struggle to make sense of it all.

My heart goes out to Hendrik’s family and friends – sadly, he died of COVID-19 on Thursday. We were not very close, and didn’t see each other often, but he was a part of a paragliding group of friends who have always made me feel very appreciated and welcome. I remember him as always moving at full speed, tirelessly winching as many people up into the air as possible, sometimes even hopping out of the bakkie while it was still moving… like every second counted! I asked how others, who knew him much better, remembered him. Buzz said: “Quiet, friendly, always smiling and eager to get involved and help out.” Charles also remembered the bakkie, adding: “Always with that khaki peak cap with the flap. Always high intensity but never losing his cool.” Gary sent me a video of the lads enjoying a post flying drink, saying “I suppose his boyish naughty laugh and constant smile.” The camaraderie in the video is palpable.

It’s heart wrenchingly sad when moments such as these, will be no more.

I worry. I worry about the people back home. I worry about the hospital capacity. I worry about the ever-increasing positive cases within my network and circle of friends. I’m not ready to lose any of you. So please take extra care out there.






  1. Hello dear Chrissie. Yes, we worry and hold our family and friends close in prayer then worry some more. Take care of yourself and I hope you are soon out of quarantine.

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