Three kilograms…

This morning I crawled out of the gym after an unforgiving work-out with Emmanuel who clearly empathised with the general need in class to shift a holiday kilogram or two… In my case, let’s make that three, with thanks and great appreciation to Aidan!

In the absence of having a mountain in my backyard that I can quickly dash up and down before work, or a safe beach to go running on, the local gym is a great alternative and one I would highly recommend, in particular as right now I am feeling great! 

About two years ago, probably about the same time of year as now, I took out a five-year gym membership. It came at a really good price and I shudder to think what I’ll have to pay once it’s run its course – in fact it may be cheaper to move to a mountain or a beach. I must admit it took me a while to embrace the gym thing, but once I got over myself and started getting a bit fitter I too began to see what all the fuss is about.

Now, I’m certainly not that friend who is going to inspire my friends into a gym, but I do have a very dear friend who unintentionally did that for me. Sarah and her husband Darren live in the U.K. and ever since we first became friends in the eighties I have never ceased to be amazed by their commitment to staying in shape. Going to the gym is one of the ways they train for their outdoor pursuits, and outdoors is where they have the most incredible adventures – a few of which I hope to be part of some day soon! Staying in shape has always been a way of life (and not weight) for them. And there’s always a reward at the end of their adventures – be it an amazing view, a milestone achieved, a race completed, an experience shared or ‘just’ a cappuccino and a pastry…

Which inadvertently brings me back to me… as I wasn’t necessarily working for my rewards this holiday, and three kilograms is not to be sneezed at. I know this because I spent the better part of class this morning trying to hold a kilogram in each hand, mostly above ear height…

Did I mention how great I feel right now? I know. It’s annoying. But if you’re looking for me next week Friday around eight, don’t waste your time looking for me in the office… I’ll be on the receiving end of another whipping, and I can’t wait! 


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