Stefanutti Stocks team finishes eleventh in KAP sani2c Race

The 2019 KAP sani2c Race is the largest mountain bike stage race in the world, with three versions of the event running over five days in May. This year Hendrik Bester, site surveyor at Stefanutti Stocks Building KZN and his brother, Burger, wore the Stefanutti Stocks colours as they participated in the 265-kilometre-long race starting in the majestic mountains of Sani Pass, through the Southern Drakensberg, and on to the South Coast shores at Scottburgh Beach.

The brothers did the company proud by finishing eleventh overall, in a field of 858 finishers who participated in The Race, from 16- 18 May this year. “The weather was perfect, and conditions were great for some fast and furious racing,” says Bester. “Admittedly, after seeing the starting line-up we thought it would be a huge task to attain our race goal of getting on the podium as veteran men but we focused on our own riding and the factors that we could control, such as cleaning our bikes, staying well-hydrated, eating and resting after finishing a stage.”

Stage one was a total of 82.3 kilometres long with an elevation gain of 1 476 metres. The team finished this stage in three hours and seven minutes, thirteenth overall and was the fourth veteran team.

Stage two saw the brothers complete the 92.45 kilometres and 1 925 metres of elevation gain in three hours and fifty-three minutes. They finished thirteen overall and fourth vets’ team again but were now third vets overall as stage one’s third vet team had lost about forty minutes due to punctures.

The third and final stage (85.3km and 1 120 elevation gain) saw the team pushing hard to finish in three hours and one minute – four minutes ahead of their direct competition, and fast enough to stay in third position in the veteran’s category. “We completed the two-hundred-and sixty-five-kilometre race in a total of ten hours and two minutes and are elated with our third place in the veteran’s category and 11th place overall,” says Bester. “We had a great race, we pushed each other like only brothers can do, and everything worked out well. I am really thankful for the support from our family, friends as well as all of my colleagues!”



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