Writing for Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Over the past few months Audi Snÿman Interior Design commissioned me to write a few voice overs for some 3D fly-through animations. They were used for videos featuring some of the homes in Steyn City and Cornwall Hill, that Audi has designed the interiors for. The scripts were creatively challenging and it was a treat having a sneak preview of how the other half lives.

Some extracts from two of the scripts include:

Your family home inspires delight and defines the very essence of your beings, without needing a single word to express your stories. Its doors are always open. Its rich, luxurious and tasteful interiors speak of your warmth, saying “Sit at our table, and partake – you are close family, and you are welcome here.”


The interior design, undertaken by Audi Snÿman, combines sophistication with playfulness; comfort and luxury with practical function; and impact with warmth. The result is a 1 650m² home, with beautifully designed spaces that invite you to live, work and play in.

As one moves through the ground level of the house the theme of practical function and comfort and luxury is apparent: throughout its two offices, its indoor heated pool, the outside patios, fire pit and pool area…all the way through to the toy storage and workshop with an epoxy-coated floor and four-poster lift. This versatile space is truly a hobbyists dream.

Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, I’m unable to share the photos or full scripts, but they included some poetry (yes!), first and third person narratives, and a bit of a “Top Billing” style script. Writing them was pure escapism!

I also edited and wrote some articles and captions for Audi, that were used in the SA Home Owner magazine. I’ll update this post as more of them become available.


Bold and beautiful

The Sanctuary Makers

SA Home Owner LOVES…





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