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Writing Samples

Gorgeously Grand (voice over script for Audi Snÿman Interior Design)

The allure of this eclectic dream home begins to weave its magic on approach, as shimmering lights promise to fulfil the anticipation of an inspired interior. The grand staircase, crowned by light, dominates a spacious, symmetrical and elegant entrance hall whispering: “Welcome to this Gorgeously Grand family home, curated by internationally recognised Audi Snÿman Interior […]

Eminente (voice over script for Audi Snÿman Interior Design)

Audi Snÿman Interior Design was commissioned to create a modern classic home for a young family that thrives on inviting others over their threshold and into interior spaces that welcome with their warmth, sophistication, and a golden thread of class and sense of occasion. The neutral and natural palette used throughout this home is the perfect […]

Marvão (voice over script for Audi Snÿman Interior Design)

This spacious hilltop mansion, set on a one hectare stand in a sought after estate, was built to incorporate the blissful panoramic views into its interior spaces. It’s lush green garden and rolling lawns serve as a pedestal to this trophy home, that was modernised and refurbished in 2019. The interior design, undertaken by Audi […]

Physiotherapist seeks to make a difference where it counts

Physiotherapist Michelle White from Eswatini spent two months at the end of 2020 working in the Tintswalo District Hospital’s rehabilitation department as a Tshemba Foundation volunteer. Michelle is no stranger to working as a community-based physiotherapist and has previously offered her services as a sports physio to community projects; has worked in Uganda; and has […]

All Aissatou hoped for

When shy and reserved 45-year-old Aissatou heard a radio broadcast about Mercy Ships pending arrival in Senegal, she immediately told her husband Samba. She knew a surgery to mend her cleft lip would change many things in her life. “If they fix my lips, I will have health. With my mouth like this, dust and […]

Double the trouble, twice the joy

It’s easy to tell the five-year-old twin’s apart once you have the opportunity to get to know their personalities – Ousseynou is outgoing and cheeky, while Assane is quiet and reserved. If you were seeing them for the very first time though, and you didn’t know that Ousseynou has a little scar on his forehead, […]

A triumphant homecoming

Diacko was a handsome baby. In fact, the other villagers would stop Youma, while they were out and about, to tell her how very good looking her little boy was. Then, when he was about three years old, his legs began to bow outwards, and slowly the admiring glances became filled with pity and scorn. […]

“I’m strong, I walk alone, and my legs are straight”

Six-year old Satou is a happy, sociable child who loves being around people. As much as she wanted to be an accepted part of her community, sadly her windswept legs often saw her being teased and rejected. “Satou is actually a happy child. She doesn’t like being sad,” says her mother Khady. “She is also […]

Writing for Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Over the past few months Audi Snÿman Interior Design commissioned me to write a few voice overs for some 3D fly-through animations. They were used for videos featuring some of the homes in Steyn City and Cornwall Hill, that Audi has designed the interiors for. The scripts were creatively challenging and it was a treat […]

The “things” in Zackaria’s eyes

When they were given a date for cataract surgery onboard the Africa Mercy, seven-year-old Zackaria asked his mother: “Is it possible to remove the white things in my eyes?” To which Binta replied “Yes my son. God-willing, that will be possible.” Zackaria is the second youngest of five. He has three sisters, and a thirteen-year-old […]

A lifetime of change, in just twenty-six days

Eighteen-year-old Khady’s face lights up as she keeps a close eye on the movements of her first-born. Fatimata appears to be a well-rounded toddler and quite comfortable in her new environment. She babbles and gurgles happily as she tracks movement in the Africa Mercy’s hospital admissions room. Until it’s time for her pre-admission check-up. The […]

What are the odds?

What are the chances of scrubbing up and walking into the OR on the Africa Mercy and bumping into a close childhood friend, you’d lost touch with almost forty-five years ago? For general surgeon James Smellie and ophthalmic surgeon Richard Newsom (two of thirteen surgeons onboard the hospital ship this February) the stars above Dakar must have aligned […]

Cool under pressure

The heat rising off the players and spectators inside the Mandeville Sports Centre makes the scorching 32-degrees outside seem like a cool summer’s breeze. Fifty minutes have passed since a heartfelt rendition of Nkosi Sikelele Africa. Forty-five since Impi declared the Lions war on its opponents, who wasted no time launching the first attack. Twenty-eight since the Eagles […]

Hakito’s Story

HAKITO BRAND COPY: Every parent will tell you that his or her child is truly amazing. Many parents will tell you that they want to encourage their children to grow up to be creative individuals, free thinkers and successful at whatever they choose to do. All parents are known to brag about their little one’s [...]

Terence’s Trilby

CHARACTERISATION OF A HAT: It was showing obvious signs of aging and had grown pale and wan since the first time it had proudly perused the streets of Sophiatown from just under two-metres up. In spite of its appearance, and twenty years after its first outing, the trilby still exuded this self-same confidence when perched [...]


CREATIVE WRITING SAMPLE: Beth stared at her toes. There were still ten of them down there, all neatly parked in her pink flip-flops. Just like there were still ten people up ahead of her, haphazardly distributed in what resembled a queue. She tilted her head slightly, squinting at the clock on the peeling wall and [...]

Dibuseng Mokoena plans to drive change

Twenty-seven-year-old Dibuseng Mokoena has worked for Stefanutti Stocks Mining Services for four years, most recently as the production manager at the Chilwavhusiku Colliery in Bronkhorstpruit. The colliery, that is owned by Black Royalty Minerals, became fully operational towards the end of 2017, and supplies coal to customers within South Africa, as well as serving the export market. The team running the […]

Hello, my name is LoFo

Hello, My name is LoFo, which is short for Lost and Found. I was born in the Kruger National Park, and when I was about twelve months old I lost my mum to some poachers. I tried to protect her, but they beat me with their machetes, and then left me to die. I was […]

More love stories for Jewel-Art Africa

I have written a number of stories for the “If rings could talk …” section of  Jewel-Art Africa. Rudi Cronje, the resident jeweller at Jewel-Art Africa, designs and crafts beautiful custom-made rings for his clients – and sometimes, as part of the crafting process, they gift their clients with a first person narrative, written from the perspective of the […]

Introducing Annie

INTRODUCING ANNIE - BRAND MASCOT: Annie grew up on a working farm in the Free State, with four brothers and a host of chores evenly distributed amongst the five children. Before she was knee-high to a grasshopper she was rolling up her sleeves and tackling more than her fair share of tasks. Her affinity for [...]

Let the magic begin…

Once you have introduced a respectful paraglider-pilot-and-paraglider-wing relationship to a column of rising air, you can sit back and watch the fairytale unfold. You may already have met some of the characters I’ve hitched a ride up to cloud base with – but if not, I can assure you most of them are worth getting to know, […]

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